Planet way round recommends and tailors for you a very unique and unforgettable travel experience.

Our travel experiences are very personalized and can be customized according to your needs. With a like-minded team that loves to ride bikes and trek in their free time, Planetwayround offers a bike riding experience like none other. Our bike trip coordinators are well versed with the local culture, cuisines and events and can create an experience for you according to your preferences. With us, you wouldn’t just be checking off a destination from your bucket list, you would be replacing your checklist with experiences.

We’re young, dynamic and flexible. Give us a shout and we will explain why we’re different. Our group tours are not a copy-paste experience that you would get elsewhere. Being experiential in nature, our bike tour routes can change according to individual preferences and consensus. We love exploring new places with our customers.

Got a bike or jeep tour plan in mind?Let us know! We would love to curate a tour just for you, taking you to the places that you would like to visit.