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Planetwayround recommends and tailors for you a very unique and unforgettable travel experience.

Long story short

Our travel experiences are very personalized and can be customized according to your needs. With a like-minded team that loves to ride bikes and trek in their free time, Planetwayround offers a bike riding experience like none other.

Our bike trip coordinators are well versed with the local culture, cuisines and events and can create an experience for you according to your preferences. With us, you wouldn’t just be checking off a destination from your bucket list, you would be replacing your checklist with experiences.

We’re young, dynamic and flexible. Give us a shout and we will explain why we’re different. Our group tours are not a copy-paste experience that you would get elsewhere. Being experiential in nature, our bike tour routes can change according to individual preferences and consensus. We love exploring new places with our customers.

Got a bike or jeep tour plan in mind?Let us know! We would love to curate a tour just for you, taking you to the places that you would like to visit.

We offer domestic and international Bike and Jeep tour packages that can be customized according to your wishes. Feel free to take a look and see what catches your fancy. Four wheel drives can take you places other vehicles cannot. We also know that sometimes adventure seekers come in groups and want to travel as one. Our 4×4 jeep tours help you, your family and your friends enjoy the trip together! 

Does the ordinary bore you to the core? Let us redefine adventure for you. Our highly customizable trips will change the way you tell your trip stories. Goosebumps and exhilaration, guaranteed!

Four wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul! Our core area of expertise, we offer you bike trips to locations you have only read about until now. Take adventure to the next level as we take you on a bike trip to exciting and amazing destinations in India and abroad.

We have all the right people, let us Help You create a dream vacation

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Our Team

Our team is what we are. Adventurous, ever ready for challenges! We, at planetwayround are a group of very close friends who share a single vision -providing our customers with the best possible experience they’ve had yet.

Mat- Rahul Chauhan

Founder of Planetwayround

A doctor by education and a traveller at heart, Rahul has been riding through the length and breadth of India since the late 90’s. His knowledge and experience of travelling in India is unparalleled. With over a hundred trips to Ladakh, Zanskar, Spiti and the Pangi valley on his motorcycle or Jeep, he’s no rookie! He organised a trip that was recorded in the Limca Book of Records for the most number of bikers travelling from Manali to Leh at one time.


Ricky Singh (Ric)
The Shutterbug

Ricky is the one who was bit by the shutterbug. The man behind the camera, he loves exploring and making photographic journals of his exploits. A psychologist by education, he puts his study to good use by cheering people up when he’s around. He has led dozens of motorcycle and jeep tours around the Himalayas and beyond.


Mat 2- Rohit Chauhan
First Mate

Rahul’s first mate and a Pathologist by profession, Rohit is found trekking in the Himalayas or painting when not in his lab. He’s a great sketch artist and loves travelling, speed racing his bike and the go-to person when the team needs to brainstorm. Rohit has trekked and camped nearly everywhere in the Himalayas. He also loves riding his bike and has led motorcycle and cycle tours to Ladakh, Zanskar and through Himachal Pradesh.


Vrishi Guleria
The Strummer

Vrishi is the youngest member of our team. A Civil Engineer by profession and backpacker by chance, you will find Vrishi strumming in the evenings. An accomplished trekker and traveler, Vrishi has camped at every interesting place in the Himalayas that one can think of. He loves playing his guitar, photography and camping.


Sheetal (Cherry)

Hiker Extraordinaire!

Sheetal is a Civil & Structural Engineer who occasionally feels that she might get stuck in an office in the buildings she makes and turns into an audacious backpacker and an energetic traveler as often as she can. She loves traversing untreaded paths and loves interacting with people. She is the scribe and the motivator of our team. Sheetal has traveled extensively pan India and has led many camping and photography tours in North and Central India.

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