Iceland Jeep Tour

And here we come with the new addition to our events: ICELAND

Iceland is such a magical place fairy tale place. Just look around you will see Volcanoes, Glaciers, Ice caves, Lava Fields, Northern Lights,


Adventure Activities:  Powerful 4×4 snow riding, Hiking, Camping

Best Time to Visit: May to September for all above mentioned activities except for snow driving.

(For Snow Driving November to March)

Average Temperature:Temperature of varies from -5 degree Celsius to 15degree Celsius

Staple Food: Lamb, Diary and Fish

Religion: Christianity

Transport: Road Network only. Country has ono railway routes.



Day 1:  Arrive in Reykjavik Capital of Iceland. Take rest, our team will guide you how to ride in off-roading condition, riding on snow covered roads. Visit unique churchHallgrímskirkja, tallest and the most recognized building inspired by the black falls another Icelandic natural wonder. Discover local market and food and take rest.

Day 2: Reykjavik to Kirkjufell Mountain ( 178km)

In western Iceland, in the surrounding of striking mountain find small waterfalls and admire the northern lights in night.


Day 3: Kirkjufell Mountain to Gullfoss (265km):

On the way to Gullfoss in the Canyon of Iceland we will visit Geysir“ Powerfulfot spring shooting from the ground is an exciting to see”. Gullfoss waterfall is one of the most popular attraction in the country.


Day 4: Gullfoss to Landmannalaugar (148km)

The multicolored rhyolite mountains, lava fields and the Hekla Volcano showcase the striking landscape, feels like a different planet. If you like we can plan for a hiking day out here (extra additional day stay).


Day 5: Landmannalaugar to Skaftafall via Maelifell (166km)

The beautiful ice caves attract adventurers. We will be visiting to the glaciers from where ice caves can be visited. On the way we will visit Maelifell a classic looking volcano.If you like we can plan for a hiking day out here (extra additional day stay).


Day 7: Skaftafell to Grindawik (blue Lagoon) (380km)

Today we will visit, Grindawik town and after checking into hotel we will go to have geothermal spa. Relax ourselves in Hot water spring spa. Airport is hardly 21min from here.


End of the trip with lot of amazing memories