Thailand Bike Tour


Mae Hong Son Loop  ( THAILAND )

This is an 8 days / 7 night’s program. The motorcycle tour is 5 days from Monday to Friday. Included are various sightseeing’s and activities.

Overview – Mae Hong Son Loop:

Chiang Mai, Pai, Mae Hong Son, Mae Sariang, Mae Cham, Doi Inthanon (highest mountain in Thailand).
This tour is known to be one of the 10 best motorcycle routes in the world, with more than 4000 bends, through the mountainous roads in the far north west of Thailand.
The following attractions are included: National parks, mountains, waterfalls, hot springs, caves, rivers, lakes, temples, Long Neck Karen tribe village, high plateau, the Grand Canyon of Thailand, the highest peak in Thailand and much more.

Day 1 – Arrival Day: picking you up from the airport, check in, dinner
Day 2: 170 km, visiting waterfall, hot springs, geyser and elephant riding.
Day 3: 185 km, viewpoint, cave rafting, viewpoint with roadside market and view to Myanmar
Day 4: 190km, visiting Karen Long Neck village, temple, visiting cave.
Day 5: 180 km, driving through highland plateau, the Grand Canyon of Thailand, the longest waterfall in Chiang Mai
Day 6: 160 km, visiting various waterfalls, royal temple and the highest mountain peak in Thailand.
Day 7: Shopping or sigh seeing in Chiang Mai
Day 8: check you, bringing you to the airport – or you enjoy one more week biking with us (maybe you want to do the “ Golden Triangle Loop “

·         ITINERARY

Day 1 – Arriving Day:

We picking you up from the airport and bring you to the hotel. Check in and dinner in the evening. If you want to come earlier to Chiang Mai, just tell us. At the evening we can discuss the upcoming week.

Day 2: Visiting waterfall, hot springs and elephant riding

The first day we have to get up early to avoid the morning rush hour. We will take care of loading the bags, after you have brought them to the service vehicle. Breakfast and after that we are ready to go. The rest of the week will be much more relaxed. Over dinner the following day will be planned together and we discuss the activities. The group decides when and how to start and end the next day.

From the hotel it goes directly to the next gas station. After filling up, out of the city as quickly as possible. Driving north up the motorway. After about 1 hour, turn left and after a while there is a beautiful waterfall. Not far away is a nice coffee shop. Here you get a great fresh-ground coffee in a beautiful garden.

From here to the next attraction, hot springs. The parking lot is around 500 meters away from the springs. Plenty of time to stretch your legs, before the next part of the journey. Now the road starts to get interesting. Less than 200 meters between each curve. After leaving this national park, loads more of those gorgeous twisties. After a while the next stop at a viewpoint.

Later lunch and then Pai is already reached. Here the first night will be spent. After the first riding day is over, a bite to eat, quick beer if you want to wash down the road’s dust. Then jump into the service vehicle for a short trip to an elephant camp. At this time usually the workday for the elephants ends and it’s time for a bath in the local river. That’s your job, if you want. Of course nobody is forced into doing anything against their will. All attractions are free and optional, but if you feel like playing with an elephant in the water, then this is definitely for you. And where and when will you get this chance. Many tours offer elephants rides, but with only a few you can take a bath with an elephant.

Back to the resort, shower, or a jump in the pool? For the ladies, there is also a spa in town. A chauffeur service is available and they can be pampered. Then off into town for our first Thai dinner. The food we have ordered in advance. Just to make shure, you can taste the variety of the Thai cuisine and you don’t have to wait too long for your food. For those who want to return a little later, on the way back to the resort we can drop into one or two bars.

Day 3: Viewpoint, cave rafting, viewpoint with roadside market and view to Myanmar

As already mentioned, we can start the day a little later at the group’s discretion. First stop at a viewpoint, which gives a good idea of the road ahead.

Then an hour or so later we come to today’s man attraction. A large flowstone cave system. Guides with gas lamps take over the lead. A part of the tour through the underground labyrinth will be on bamboo rafts. The rest we have to walk. Near the exit of the cave thousands of swifts are nesting. Near the nesting in a higher chamber of the cave several coffins were discovered. They dated the age of to 1600 years.

Lunch here before hitting the road again. For lunchtime we always advise to simple Thai dishes like Phad Thai, Cow Phad Gai (Chicken)/Moo (Pork) etc. In this way the food can be cooked together and we don’t have to wait all afternoon until everyone gets served.

On the road again we are heading right up into the peaks. After an hour or so stop at another absolutely cracking viewpoint with a roadside market. The people of the surrounding mountain villages offering their goods here. From the viewpoint you get a view up to Myanmar. Down on the other side of the mountain and into the Mae Hong Son. Here we will spend the night in a picturesque resort outside the town. The resort borders a national park and there are even a few mountain trails which invite for a walk. Needless to say, that most of us end up chilling by the pool with a beer or two, before heading down to the sunset bar, to watch the sun gently dropping over the mountains. Into town again for dinner. Again we have pre-ordered the food in Thai style. Then you have several options to spend the evening. Go to the local night market, or in a few shops. You also can get a massage, or you finish the evening with a beer in a bar.

Day 4: Temple, visiting Karen Long Neck village, crystal cave.

Relaxed start in the morning again. After breakfast jump on the bikes and into town for refuelling. Many other tours deal with this the evening before parking up. We have found out, that it’s much more pleasant to do that in the cooler morning hours.

Then it goes up the hill to the temple of Mae Hong Son. Here you get a magnificent view over the city and surrounding areas. After about an hour drive, we arrive at the “Long Neck Karen village.” The largest part of the street to the village is in perfect condition. Just before the village the road becomes worse. If you don’t feel confident enough, just jump into the service vehicle and we chauffeur you to your destination.

After Mae Hong Son the road widens considerably, but is still interesting. More straights and more room to manoeuvre. Stop in a small village for lunch.

After Lunch a good 1.5 hour drive to the “Crystal Caves”. A Songtaew (a kind of Thai bus / taxi) drives to the amazing caves, formed by calcite deposits. No photographing or touching of the crystals is allowed, as they’re incredibly easily damaged.

We spend the night in the “River House Resort” in Mae Sariang. Like all our accommodations one of the best in the area. No vehicles today. So, you can drink as much you want. A short 100 meters walk to a restaurant with a balcony and beautiful view over the river. Anyone who wants can even start getting back to the western food.

Day 5: 180 km: Driving through a high plateau, “Grand Canyon” of Thailand, visiting the longest waterfall in Chiang Mai

Today we enjoy breakfast with a nice view on the river. After refueling, good roads lead us back into the mountains. The road goes through some hairpin curves on a hilly high plateau. Very nice view of the surrounding mountains. The street goes downhill trough many bends and after 2 hours the “ OB Luang Canyon “ is reached. After exploring the canyon we eat there for lunch.

On beautiful roads we drive further north. After about 1.5 hours, the road then narrows and there are countless hairpin bends through partly unspoiled nature. From a distance, we even can see the Doi Inthanon (Thailand’s highest mountain). The next attraction is the longest waterfall in Chiang Mai. He flows over a 100 meter cliff and is about 10 minutes on foot from the parking lot.

Along the access road to Doi Inthanon national park, but in the opposite direction, we are heading towards our night quarters. There we have dinner and a quiet evening before our last day.

Day 6: visiting various waterfalls, the Royal Temples and the highest peak in Thailand

For the last day we have saved something special for you. First stop at the entrance to Doi Inthanon national park. We take care about the entry and the tickets.
Then on absolute amazing roads to the highest point of Thailand. Here it can be quite cold and foggy. Therefore you are well advised to have warm clothes in your luggage. After looking into the visitor center and a warming coffee, we get back on the motorcycles. From the top of Doi Inthanon (2565 meters) you have a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape. Because of the cool / temperate climate the vegetation resembles the of Central European countries.

The way down we drive very cozy and you will enjoy it, when it’s getting slowly warmer and we let the coldness behind us. Hard to believe, that we are in Thailand! Next stop King’s and Queen’s Pagoda. The Thai Air Force’s built them to honor the 60th birthday of King Bhumibol’s (1987) and Queen Sirikit (1992). Then lunch and on the way down we stop at some beautiful waterfalls. Here you can enjoy a coffee or ice cream.

After leaving the national park, on the highway which we follow pretty much all the way back to Chiang Mai. It’s a really strange feeling to have traffic the first time in this week. Usually we arrive at the hotel in Chiang Mai around 3-4pm. Check-in and then in the hotel bar for a well-deserved beer.

For the evening I usually plan a river cruise complete with dinner. If the group wants something else, I can gladly arrange it. Back in civilization, we have plenty of options for dinner. The one which want to go out after, can enjoy the nightlife of Chiang Mai.

Day 7: Shopping or sightseeing in Chiang Mai

Today no motorbikes. We will do the driving for you.

If you want, you can sleep much longer today. So, we even can start after lunch. We can show you the best shopping places. Do you want to visit a tailor? Or we have a sigh seeing tour through Chiang Mai. The group decides.

At the evening we can have a walk through the famous Chiang Mai night bazaar. For dinner I would recommend “ Thai BBQ “. It’s all you can eat and everybody loves it. If you want some other food. No problem. There are plenty of other options. After that you can join the night life again.

Day 8: Day of departure

Check you and if you will leave Chiang Mai, we are bringing you to the airport.

Or you enjoy one more week biking with us (maybe you want to do the “ Golden Triangle Loop “)



What is included?

All tours are fully inclusive apart from lunches & drinks not from our service vehicles, souvenirs, alcoholic drinks, insurance, massages and all other free time activities which are not in our program.

Included are: accommodation, breakfast, dinner, rent for the motorbike, fuel, oil, entrance fees, airport transfer, drinks and snacks from the service vehicle, even taxi/tuk-tuk fees at night when the group is out together.

Tour Duration Rider Rider & Pillion Single Booking Supplement
8 Days / 7 Nights 18,70 U$D  1,400 U$D 250U$D
Extra (guided, optional) days / nights 240U$D 360U$D 25U$D
Prices based on two sharing a room, otherwise our SBS (single booking supplement) applies.


Tour Duration Rider Rider & Pillion Single Booking Supplement
8 Days / 7 Nights 18,70 U$D

1,400 U$D


Extra (guided, optional) days / nights 240U$D 360U$D 25U$D
Prices based on two sharing a room, otherwise our SBS (single booking supplement) applies.

The following motorcycles are available:

– Hondo Phantom 200cc

– Honda Super Four 400cc

– Honda VRX 400cc

– Suzuki Desperado 400cc

– Kawasaki Ninja 650cc (Surcharge 400 Baht per day)

– Kawasaki ER-6n 650cc (Surcharge 400 Baht per day)

Please note: I have to make the reservation a few months before the tour is starting. So, it’s possible, if I make the reservation late, that not all bikes are available.

For package Cost , bookings, making payments and other queries, please feel free to Contact Us