Kyrgyzstan Jeep Tour

This is another edition of the event dedicated to heavy motorcycles of the Adventure Class. Usually they are dominated by the GS’s and large KTM’s. We are planning to visit the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, we want to see much, hence we need the appropriate equipment – the route is just designed for such motorcycles. We commence early in the morning, but always end each ride before nightfall. Where possible we will stay in yurts or local guesthouses. We do not promise luxury but we will try to provide as good conditions as possible. We will be accompanied by a four wheeled support car over the entire route, so that for all of us it would be a little easier on the gravel roads of the Pamir and Tien Shan. The event does not require any special preparations or skills. Everything that is necessary we will teach you en route. During the expedition we will travel approximately over 3,500 km of trails. The asphalt-gravel ratio would be around 60:40. In several places the altitude may slightly exceed 4,000 metres, the highest pass is 4,655 metres. The forecast for temperatures is between 0 to 40 degrees Celsius. The event is designed for motorcycles with a capacity of 650 cc and more. Throughout the journey we are supported by a car. You can participate in the event as a passenger of this vehicle.


Day 1; Start from Bishkek, Kegety pass (tent)

After 50 km of normal tarmac we will turn toward mountains. We will follow unused soviet road. Pass is high – 3800 meters and we will be weak. On the other side will be really risky downhill. On some parts we will be unable to ride.

We will spend all the time in Tien Shan Mountains

Kegety Pass

Day 2 ; Road to Song Kul (yurt)

Nice gravel roads and beautiful views. It will be easy day. Song Kul is a mountain lake, over 3000 meters over sea level. Surrounded by snow peaks and green meadows. Paradise for animals and riders

Moldo Asuu Pass There will be a lot of water crossing

Day 3 ; Song Kul Tash Rabat (yurt)

Easy but very scenic road. Gravel. It would be done in three hours but we will spend another 4 to take the pictures. In the evening we will ride the hills around Tash Rabat.

Song Kul Lake

Tashrabat( Caravan seray)

Day 4;- Tash Rabat – Kol Su lake (tent)

Short tarmac section and we will be close to At Bashi. Army will check our permits and we will ride towards Kol Su lake. It will be our first trip there, but we know what to expect. Lot of streams, high water, hard terrain. Rocks. Adventure.

We will have wet boots all the time

Day 5;- Kol Su – Naryn canyon (namiot)

Return to asphalt and easy road to Naryn. Civilization, restaurant and Internet. Then beautifully road toward Issyk Kul


Bikes are still attraction for local people

Day 6 ;- Naryn canyon – Issyk Kul (guesthouse)

More than 100 km gravel and rocky roads. Many stream crossing but only one will be difficult. we will stop for 2 hrs to take a bath in hot springs. Climbing to difficult Tosor pass, near 4000 meters. If it will be snow we will have hard ride.

Some sections are easy

Day 7 & 8;- Issyk – Barskoon i and towards Kara Say on the road A364 (tent)

Easy and fast ride on gravel motorway leading to gold mine. Then another 4000 meters pass. Another military checkpoint and difficulties will begin. Nobody crossed this road for many years. Bridges doesn’t exist. But we will try using the ropes do our best.

Close to Tosor pass

We will have great views from our tents

Donkey riding? Why not, let’s swap

Day 9 ;- Inylchek – Grigorievka (Asphalt) guesthouse

Easy and relaxing day. But we have to move around the lake to northern shore. We will have time to swim in Issyk Kul.

We will travel light

Day 10 & 11 ;- Battle in Grigorievka canyon (tent)

They started to built this road in soviet times but never finished. We will try but local people told us we are mad. Doesn’t matter what will happen we will go toward Bishkek. On the gravel road in the mountains or on the asphalt near the lake.

Tosor pass, nearly 4000 meters

DRZ is a good choice for this trip

Day 12 ;- Return to Bishkek

We will be tired but we have to ride to Bishkek. There are two roads, both tarmac. we will take a bit longer, through Kazakhstan


HIG 4 Housing Board Colony Nahan
Rahul Chauhan / Mat +91-9896165335
Ricky Singh / RICK +91-9781336000
Mr Vivek / Vic +91-9872020056


Cost ;

  • 2,840 EUR
  • 1,560 EUR

Price includes:

  • Guiding
  • Good society
  • Accommodation in yurts and Guesthouses
  • All the Border Permits
  • Meal only country side stay. ( BF and Dinner )
  • Backup Vehicle

Excluding  ;-

  • Visa Fee
  • Air Fare
  • Extra meal  & Drinks
  • Fuel  & Damage
  • Insurance


Readiness to have unbelievable adventure with lots of surprises on the way

Physical strength and pure optimism

Good riding skills

Respect laws and culture of local people


Our company does not issue visas nor provide visa support. But don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any information on visa. We will contact our partners providing services on visa support

For Pamir endure motorbike tour you need:

One entry tourist visa to Kyrgyzstan &Tajikistan.

Please, contact us first before applying for visa, since visa procedures differ according to the country of your citizenship. Citizens of some countries do not need visa to Central Asian countries or may obtain it according to simplified procedure.

Unfortunately, visa procedure is inimitable part of the tour, so please take some time in order to finish this process successfully, but we want to reassure you, that you will not face any troubles and obtain your visa in the shortest time. We recommend starting visa process 2-3 months prior to the tour. We are always there for you to help!


Here is the list of air companies, providing flights to Almaty. You may also contact us specifying your country of departure. Since we have a wide client base from all over the world, we will contact them in order to receive recommendations or advise concerning flight details.




Fly Dubai

Ural Airlines


Somon Air

China Southern


Air Astana


You can bring any number of things in Almaty, but the baggage of participants which will be in the car support is limited. The weight of your bags that you take the tour should not exceed 10 kg. And that means you have to take only the essentials.

  1. Headdress: a cap or hat for the warm days and  knit cap for cool;
  2. Shoes: Sandals or slates for resorts, boots or sneakers for the prom;
  3. Clothes: a few T-shirts, a few spare socks, jeans, shorts, swimming trunks, a warm sweater, light jacket;
  4. Towel and toiletries.
  5. Sunglasses.
  6. Sunscreen.
  7. Necessary medications if you need them.
  8. Photo or video camera.
  9. Flashlight
  10. Raincoat. Use a strong rain gear – waterproof prolonged rain.
  11. If you want to take your own tent and sleeping bag, no problem. But it should be light and compact. If you do not have it you should notify us in advance.

Please use soft, compact bag for tour. Do not use bulky suitcases.

You can leave excess clothes and bags in our Guest house in Brisket to return.

P.S. You can also bring a variety of inexpensive gifts. People (owners of guest houses, children of nomads, to love get all sorts of gifts.



It’s better to have an integral, flip-up or touring style helmet, but do not MX or open-face type, because in the mountains you can feel freezing rain, snow, wind and dust, which may make your face vulnerable.

Fog spray and wipes for the visor.


If you use the jacket as a major shalt for a trip on a motorcycle, then it should have built-in protection – elbows, back, shoulders. Would be nice if jacket has a double layer, which can detach during a hot period of the day, and fasten upon the occurrence of cold.


You can use the enduro pants with built knees protection. If you don’t have such pants with built knees protection you can use just jeans or MX pants but have to use knees protection


You can use different shoes –  touring boots or motocross boots. The main thing that they would protect your feet and comfortable for switch gear.


Central Asia is the region with seasonal inland climate. Day temperature during summer period is +25 to +40 degrees. After the sunset, temperature drops to +20 degrees, and to + 15 in the mountain areas.

It is hard to predict weather conditions in mountain regions of Kyrgyzstan / Tajikistan and Pamir. Sometimes it can be very rainy and it might be snowing in Pamir. So you have to be ready for any weather conditions.


Most of the roads are sealed excluding mountain passes through Pamir. Due to harsh natural conditions, remoteness and lack of financing, these roads are not sealed and have never been repaired.

The quality of sealed roads in the mountain area is also inconsistent, as there might be construction works going or the road may be washed out due to heavy rains. In this case we will change the route. Please, be ready for that.


There are some very long distances as well as very short ones, but going through rough roads.  So you have to be ready for early wake up and arrive late.


We are trying to provide the most comfortable accommodation. But conditions is different.

For instance, in such areas as the Fann Mountains,Kalaikhum, Khorog, Murgab there might be no electricity or water supply. It is due to remoteness of these places.

We will have a camp in the Fann Mountains and our company provides tents for three people, mattresses and sleeping bags. If you want to use your own sleeping bag, tent or mattress, please inform us in advance.


People in Kyrgyzstan & Tajikistan are very friendly and hospitable. But you should be aware of some rules of behavior. For example: don’t go the toilet in not appropriate places. If you want to use a bathroom, smoke, drink alcohol, change or take a picture, please, ask your guide first. It is strictly forbidden to take pictures of border’s check point  and police stations, as well as officials, officers and soldiers of these departments.

Concerning relationship between participants and organizing company during the tours we don’t support “I am the client, and you are an executive” or “the client is always right” attitude, since we believe that during the tour we are all one big team, where everyone respects, understands and helps each other.

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