Kyrgyzstan 4×4 Winter tour

Kyrgyzstan is a paradise for those who love the outdoors. The country is very sparsely populated, the roads are literally non existent and the terrain extreme. The Tian Shan mountains, which surround the old caravan route and dominate the country, are home to snow leopards, lynx and sheep. In the south, the millennia-old city of Osh has a huge, busy bazaar that was once a stop on the Silk Road.

Kyrgyzstan is outstanding to drive in during the summer months, but it becomes exceptional in the winters. Dotted with lofty peaks of the Tian Shan mountains all around, this country offers a fantastic snowy 4×4 offroading experience that is unparalleled. The cradle of nomadic culture and the land of the epic hero Manas, Kyrgyzstan is the place where the traveler will always find a lot to discover!

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Kyrgyzstan is synonymous with the word adventure. Alpine forests, deep gorges, yurts and a predominant nomadic culture. A rugged region with equally rugged people, Kyrgyzstan really has no equal. Come, see this wonderful area with us.

  • See the modern city of Bishkek
  • See the life of nomadic people in the winters
  • Stay in a Yurt or nomadic tent
  • See the second largest alpine lake in the world
  • See the world famous ski resort of Karakol
  • See the most visited place in Kyrgyzstan, the Ala-archa national park
  • See hot springs and frozen waterfalls


Group Size: 4 to 10 per group, first come first served.
Average altitude: 8,000 ft
Maximum altitude attained: 13000 ft
Terrain: Challenging, but safe.
Thrill level: Extreme
Weather: sub zero temperatures


On Arrival:

We meet at bishkek.
Day 1 Bishkek – Ala Archa Gorge – Suusamyr valley

In the morning we will head towards the Ala Archa Gorge. The park’s name is translated from Kyrgyz as “the Speckled Juniper (Archa)”, in honor of a plant which can be seen here at every turn. Beautiful landscapes of the foothill steppes and mountain forests will help you to get an unforgettable aesthetic pleasure. After lunch we are on the way towards the Suusamyr valley – a picturesque mountain valley located right in the heart of the Tien Shan Mountains. Our road to Suusamyr runs through the picturesque valleys and passes. This stretch is considered to be the most beautiful in Kyrgyzstan. By the evening we arrive in the Suusamyr Valley and accommodate at a tourist complex. Dinner.

Day 2 Suusamyr valley – Kochkor village

After breakfast we make our way towards the village of Kochkor. Our road runs through the village of Kodzhomkul who was the famous Kyrgyz strong man and could cross the river holding a horse on his shoulders; through the village of Kyzyl-Oi that is translated as a “Red Bowl” from Kyrgyz. The local clay soil was used to build houses, which gives the village a distinctive style and character; and past the most beautiful and fastest rivers of Kyrgyzstan – Kokomeren. Upon arrival in Kochkor we meet the local family for having dinner. Accommodation at the guest house.

Day 3 Kochkor village – Tamga village

Breakfast. Early in the morning we start our driving towards Tamga, situated on the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. Our first stop will be in the “Skazka” (“Fairytale”) Canyons. The scenery here is astounding. Walk around and explore castles, caves and figures of animals made of many-colored sands and clay. In the evening we arrive in Tamga where we stay overnight at a cozy guest complex.

Day 4 Tamga village – Karakol

After breakfast we make our way to Karakol which was founded in 1869. Our road there runs along changing landscapes and passes through the Barskaun Gorge. Its mountain slopes are covered with spruce forests and juniper thickets. Here we visit the monuments to Gagarin who was the first human to journey into outer space, and one of the waterfalls. The frozen waterfalls of Barskaun are extremely beautiful. As we continue driving towards Karakol we visit Dzheti-Oguz Gorge. It is a truly amazing site to discover. In translation from Kyrgyz the name of the gorge means – Seven Bulls. The beauty of the red sandstone monoliths is beyond description. After that we’ll take a stroll to another famous rock – Broken Heart. By the evening we head to Karakol where we stay overnight at the hotel. In the evening we visit the Dungan family where we’re going to watch the process of making a national dish – lagman and have dinner.

Day 5 Karakol – Cholpon Ata

Today is another huge day full of spectacular sceneries. After breakfast we visit the Dungan Mosque built in 1910 in the style of the Buddhist pagoda and old wooden Holy Trinity Church built in 1895.Afterwards we head to the town of Cholpon-Ata, which is the center of resort life of Lake Issyk-Kul. As we drive towards there we visit the San Tash burial mound complex. There you can see 257 large and small mounds which are graves of leaders of Saka tribes, dating back to 6th – 1st centuries BC. In the center of the complex there is a huge mound covered with plenty of stones, which is called San Tash. By the evening we get to the hotel in Cholpon-Ata where we stay overnight and have dinner.

Day 6 Cholpon-Ata – Bishkek

We finish our tour by heading back to Bishkek. As we travel towards there we visit the Burana tower, that once was a large minaret. The tower is all that remains of the ancient city of Balasagun, which was established by the Karakhanids at the end of the 9th century. The Burana Tower is a part of the archaeological and architectural museum and is protected by the state as a monument of cultural heritage. Lunch in the town of Tokmak. Upon arrival in the capital we have a sightseeing tour of the city. During our tour we visit the Victory Square, the Oak Park, the Ala-Too square where the White House and the Historical Museum are situated, we will also see lots of monuments and some historical buildings. A visit to the oriental bazaar. Dinner. Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 7 Departure



All our packages come with:
Car rentals ( Self Drive )
Mechanic’s services
English-speaking guide
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Entrance fees to the places of interest
Transfers from/to the airport
Accommodation throughout the tour
Mineral water


Our packages do not include::
Early check-in – until 12:00
Alcohol drinks
Travel insurance
Mobile services
All other services not specified in “inclusions” section


The pricing structure depends on the number of travelers per group.

4 travelers –  1 car + Escort vehicle: USD 1550
6 travelers – 2 cars + Escort Vehicle: USD 1420
8 travelers – 2 cars + Escort vehicle: USD 1320
10 travelers – 3 cars + Escort vehicle: USD 1240
Note: These prices are PER PERSON.


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