Sometimes it is good to move out of your comfort zone and see the world in different way. Away from Shopping malls, Makeups, Clubbing, fine dinning and show-off there exist a beautiful life of high mountains, native people, local food, strangers,  flowing rivers and divine nature which will rejuvenate you for a very life time.

Addiction of travelling is anytime better than addiction of drugs and alcohol. Try travelling alone once in life time with strangers, and experience a changed personality.


Here are few experiences shared for you from one of our tour to Lahul Spiti  travelled in extreme weather conditions to the edge of the cliff.


“Lahul Spiti tour june 2017”

A group of 9 strange people with different age group travelling at a same location and staying together for 10 days.  Considering this fact of staying alone with strangers long away from your home into the mountains will itself make you little uncomfortable.


But this group did it, they came out of their comfort zone and saw the world in stronger and better way. The Bond which they share is totally different than the cosmetic bond which people share around themselves in their daily life. They have friendship without expectations, affection, care and love for each other with respect to travel and life. To adjust with all was not an easy task since everyone has come from a different lifestyle and locations.  But one thing was common in all them and that is “Courage ” which binds all of them.

Adjusting with your morning chorus is start of the adventure tour. You have to get up early and be ready with your bag packs before breakfast at 7.30. After a rough ride day before yesterday early morning Yoga and Pranayama at 5.30am keeps you charge throughout the day. And here what they have learned to help each other and take care of each other to get things done in time.

Here are few things that everyone has to adjust:

  1. Most of the time your morning bed tea/coffee will be sacrificed
  2. Only Parantha and omlet in breakfast
  3. Many a times no hot water in bathroom
  4. At many places you wont find toilets also
  5. Rajma chawal, daal chawal, and aloo gobi gajar curry for lunch and dinner.
  6. Most important no range to cell phone


But that’s where everyone come on common platform and learn to adjust in this environment. Scarcity of food and water will make you feel guilty when you leave your taps open while taking bath or wasting food at hotels. You will start to learn how to live life when you have very basic amenities with you for your livelihood.  The courage which you already have will get strengthen day by day.  By end of the trip you are graced with nature to stimulate with a strong personality. No one can Hamper your inner tranquillity.

Few examples of overcoming fears:

Santhosh Kumar: Age 33,  from a small village Kudapur in Karnataka.

Fear: His greatest fear was of future and life. He was also on the same page, met everyone for the first time and one more thing being an south Indian language problem to communicate.


Funny Part: He chooses his one liners amazingly at right times. ” Bhaisaab ye to aise hi hai, Hame bhi yahi kehete hai, apko bhi yahi kahenge, sun lo, hum to roj hi sunte hai.” 🙂

Overcome of fear: While riding through the deadliest and treacherous roads of spiti he learned to think on the solution rather than thinking on gravity issues. 

Sunny Rachwani: Age 35, from Mumbai

Fear: His fear was his thinking whether he can be able to persuade his passion for riding in worst scenarios.


Funny Part:  ” wait sheetal, let me check my hairs, my face , now you can click, neah this is not clear, thoda blur ho gaya, take pic from this angle, black a rahi hai pic….Uff too much of Sunny” Now you can definitely guess that he is celebrity of the group. 🙂

Overcome of fear: One incidence during riding towards Comic Village made him very confident about his passion that “Yes I Can do IT”. Just before when Comic village was 22km ahead of us suddenly heavy snowfall started which no one has predicted. Travelling for 3 hours in heavy snowfall was a big challenge as we could not stay on road  due to fear of wildlife. It taught him that you just have to go on to pursue your dream, definitely it will have a end either good or bad but definitely it will teach you lessons of life. Few examples of lifetime experience:

Viswadeep singh Bhanot: Age 20, from Mohali

Adventurous experience: Vishu wanted to witness snowfall and actually witnessed it on our way to Comic.  Initial thought of snowfall made him happy but when he actually started driving his 4×4 without snow-chains and then experienced the thrill.  When the path got muggy and tyres of his bolero started skidding he got the pinch of adventure. He was not very sure whether he can do it or not, but the power of his courage fulfilled the task. He has no fears of life anymore.


Funny Part: As soon as recording starts you have a changed accent for a building bond with Bolero. Still confused between Bolero and Thar 🙂

Romina Singh Bhanot: Age 24, from Mohali

Friendly Experience:  Travelling first time with strange people and become friends for lifetime was a wonderful experience. Driving Bolero on kunzum pass was the best thing which she has experienced.

Funny part: Selfie Queen


Ankush Bharadwaj: Age 24,from Chandigarh

Teaching Experience: Each valley has different experience to offer. The air and nature is so pure  that Ankush always used to tell us that his stomach his filled with pure air and he not hungry anymore. “But the Joke is he was Bakasur of the group”. He has lots of name Bahubali, Shehazada, Sharukh Khan, Rotlu, Dancer, Cartoon, etc.keeping jokes apart he is very pure at heart and is  “Jaan” of the group.


Funny Part: Oye sheetal meri ye angle se bhi pic le lo please. another celebrity of the group.

Like these their are lot of experience of each group which are altogether different and unique and teaches you different lessons of life.  I would like to thank all of them personally to make this trip awesome with lifetime memories.

Spiti Kinnor rout



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