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Star Gazing in Spiti

“Look up into the stars and you’re gone”

Stargazing is one of the most profound human experiences one can have. But perhaps we should more frequently tear ourselves away from the mystery and beauty of the starry heavens above, and rather inspect admire and foster the moral law within.
Watching the stars in Spiti is a very surreal experience. Standing on the pitch black road with the entire Milky Way roofing above is the portal to the magical world. Just sit back, look up to the heavens and you’re amidst a zillion stars sparkling like diamonds. They seem so far, yet so fathomable at the same time.

In The Footsteps of the Grey Ghost

The snow leopard is the holy grail of cats. Every wildlife enthusiast dreams of spotting one in their lifetime. It is an expert in navigating through the high mountains and the iconic species is recognisable by its long tail and almost white coat spotted within large black rosettes. There are only as few as 4000 snow leopards in the wild, and their numbers are dwindling due to habitat loss, Poaching and climate change. The Spiti valley is one of the very few places which is home to the exclusively enchanting creatures.
We will take you into the highlands of Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary where the majestic white cat has been residing in exuding mysticism.

The Spiritual Retreat in Spiti

As gold purified in a furnace loses its impurities and achieves its own true nature, the mind gets rid of its impurities
of the attributes of delusions, attachment and purely through meditation it attains reality.
The vast landscape forms the perfect stage to re-engineer and connect with your inner self. It’s the much needed
reboot to soothe our tormented minds.

i Things we can do for you

Our services range from taking you on exciting adventure tours on bikes, bicycles, 4×4 jeeps or on foot to places you wish to visit via lesser traveled routes. Our bike tours to the Zanskar Valley in Ladakh, Lahaul and Spiti in Himachal Pradesh and our trips to the amazing and the last surviving Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan try and stay off the usual routes to get the most outstanding and rewarding experience you’ve had yet. Our tours are very pocket friendly, starting at only INR 49,500!!

Got an interesting plan in mind? A large group that needs to travel together and has special needs? Look no further! Our tour customization options will help you plan that amazing corporate tour you have in mind. Large family groups can travel together and have their tours set according to what suits them best and not the other way round. Our custom tours are VERY flexible. Try giving us a call!

We love adventure! It is the one thing that keeps us away from the mundane. At Planetwayround, we believe that the road less travelled already has a path carved out, but that road we discover is the one we’re after. Come, let us take you on a joyride through less-travelled and to-be-travelled areas around the world! You won’t be disappointed, we promise! Check out our Adventure activity section for activities starting at just INR 49,500!

Our travel experts ensure that while nearly every day is an adventure for you, you feel in control. We plan and ensure that our patrons get the best possible biking experience ever. Over one and a half decade  of traveling in India and abroad have given us an edge over other companies. We are driven by our passion to showcase what our tours can offer and ensure that you have an experience of a lifetime, no matter how short your trip may be. 

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the team from Planet Way Round organized a great tour on Indian Remote Roads with lot of security intention on the first place.They are frendly, needs help, suggestion ,and they are friends….. Traveling with him is a relaxing pleasure like a vacation should be. we come again!!

Rahul has been exploring the Himalayas for over 20 years and has evolved into one of the most experienced guides in the region. His team are invaluable sources of information and just generally awesome guys to hang out with. I dont usually like organised group travel but I learnt a lot riding with Rahul. Whatever your pursuit in the Himalayas is I can highly recommend Planet Way Round as your first point of call.
Dylan Reid

, ADVtheWorld

A great trip. Mat is a competent guide. Unforgettable views. Good Offroad school. Planet Way Round is a trusted company.

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